Event services - make the switch to an entertainer for your DJ, Emcee, or sound system provider!

There is a lot of noise in the DJ world - you know why need a DJ, you know that you need an Emcee for your wedding, but the one thing to know is that while there are a lot of similarities between the different vendors, there is one major difference at Bespoke Shows - as an entertainer first, you get an engaging, interactive personality at your event.


You know that your Emcee needs to be more than just a friend who will do you a favour - you need someone who can keep the event on time and in order, while being fun and appropriate.  This is far more than just being a professional speaker - a Toastmaster graduate - You need an entertainer who can deal with event changes, who can be an inoffensive third party to keep speakers on track and within time.

Your DJ needs far more than just big speakers and bright lights - they need to be able to connect with the crowd, hype the party, keep the chaos controlled, and keep the energy flowing where it needs to be! Happy to be on the mic just enough and not just play music and hide behind the setup. Yes, your DJ needs to be an entertainer at their core, and you have the top combination right here at your fingertips - in fact, just an email away! Tailor@BespokeShows.com

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