GreenLeaf The Goofball!

A brand new, exciting show made just for youth! The ideal show for schools, fairs and festivals, this uplifting show has mesmerizing magic with messages of safety, reading, kindness and joy all delivered with Craig's amazing (and often commented on) ability to connect with children! Craig has taken over 20 years of experience performing for youth and created a show designed to engage, entertain, educate and encourage!

The show is new, but the performer is far from 'green' - when you book the show, everything is included - there is no surcharge for equipment like sound systems, there is no 'Show Premium' for the big backdrop, there is just a full, 45 minute show of fun and impact!

The show is made to fit almost any venue - from a school library to a fall fair mainstage, Greenleaf can fill the stage with his energy and uplifting motivational magic - to see get your date secured, email us today! Just email us!

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