Unique magic has never been so engaging!

     Welcome to the only place where you can find luxury and innovation at a crossroads with illusion and comedy. At company events, yacht parties, cocktail evenings, gala events and black-tie fundraisers, Craig McKee is the perfect way to create a subtle, refined undercurrent of social disorder!

Not for those faint-of-heart! The funnest and insaneest show to ever take over a stage, the laughs are only second to the gasps, cringes and screams as Tarquin makes use of animal traps, nails, blow torches and more!
Tarquin can also get your company in the newspaper and create amazing promotional opportunities by performing stunts at your business or on your behalf at fairs and festivals! From escaping a straight jacket while suspended by a crane, to a blind-fold car drive, these high impact stunts are great for high-visibility promotions! Click here for information on the show and stunts!

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