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Tarquin: Sideshow Stuntman

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Or not.

Your call.

Watch the mad cap event unfold as Tarquin unleashes comedy so funny that at least FOUR people were heard to laugh last year! Tarquin cuts a swath of danger so intense that a cute, defenseless bunny would quiver - it gets relentlessly more psychotic as staple guns, barbed wire and cheese graters get misused for so-called entertainment!

Read below about The Sideshow as well as The Stunts - both are available, and all you need to do to book or ask is email us!

The Sideshow! The most fun you never knew you'd like! Tarquin brings all the hallmarks, banter and crazy in the perfect combination of showmanship and thrills for a full 60-minute display of mayhem! With tons of interaction and participation, the show is fun for most any adult audience! Not only does Tarquin perform classics such as Human Blockhead and The Staple Guns, but he also has pioneered new items such as The Spike Board and is the only stuntman performing a FOUR trap finale! Perfect for program fundraisers, something different on a bar stage, beer festivals and more! Email us to get your date reserved today!

The Stunts! While many people are filling their need for nostalgia with antique cupboards and claymation Christmas movie figurines, Tarquin is bringing back the thrill and excitement of what can be seen on Youtube but almost never in person - live, stupid-human stunts! These are the perfect fit for fundraisers, car shows, festivals, motorsports venues and more! These are high-production-value stunts, ever the consummate showman, Tarquin brings out every last ounce of pulse-quickening fun, thrill, tension and amazement! These stunts can fit most any venue, and range from jumping a dirtbike through flaming boards to escaping a straightjacket which suspended upside-down from flaming ropes to being blown up by a FA-18 in an air show! For all inquiry's, please email us here!

Tarquin takes the point out of ‘pointless’!

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