A) Eucalyptys Wood: A very gentle wood with subtle grain and a pink rosy hue.

B) Maple: Easily recognizable grain in a classy white wood with a refined look and feel.

C) Chechen: A very fun wood with highlights of reds, golds, browns and more! Highly unique and distinctive grain.

D) Black Walnut: A wonderful wood that has noticeable grain, a dark hue, and a soft feel.

E) Jatoba: A heavy, solid wood that finishes well, with distinct characteristics despite non-uniform grain.

F) Granadillo: A very heavy and tough wood that finishes to a perfect smooth result. Little in the way of pronounced grain, and displaying a deep, rich red.

G) Wenge: A solid wood with natural pitting inclusions, Wenge is right beside Chechen for the most unique grain - very pronounced in a contrast of natural black and white.

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